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For Businesses

We are excited to work with local businesses in support of Cleveland’s incredibly rich and diverse music scene. Our #ListenCLE playlists, available in nine core “moods”, provide 6+ hours of all-local Northeast Ohio music that can be streamed via internet connection. We are constantly adding new music through manual review and placement, to ensure that the playlists never get stale, and stay reliably organized.



For Artists

Song Submission Form: If you’ve got a song or album you think would be a great fit for one of our playlists of mixtapes, please SUBMIT THIS FORM for our review.

Artist Intake Form: If you would be interested in having your music considered for placement in local film, advertisement, or other opportunities, please SUBMIT THIS FORM to be added to our artist database.

Busking in Cleveland

ListenCLE is a program designed to put more local music into the ears of everyday Clevelanders. As part of our mission, we have been working with local orgs and events such as the NFL Draft, Ingenuity Cleveland, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to coordinate street performers and buskers during highlight events downtown. Our goal is to show off the incredibly diverse and high-level talent of musicians, dancers, and more that can be found in Cleveland!

Visit our Busking Resource Page for more information on street performances in Cleveland, and for any open performance opportunities.